FAQ's All Mixed Up Mobile Bartenders


Frequently Asked Questions

Does All Mixed Up provide the alcohol for my event?

  • All Mixed Up does not provide the alcohol for any event. The advantage to this, is the host is able to purchase anywhere they want and for how much they want. This saves the host tons of money than using traditional all inclusive bar services that upcharge prices for liquor. 

I don't know what to buy and how much to buy for my event.

  • Don't Worry! All Mixed Up will help assist you with your bar menu and shopping list based on your event and theme.  

What size event will All Mixed Up bartend for?

  • No matter how big or small your event is All Mixed Up will be able to cater to your needs. 

How many bartenders do you provide?

  • All Mixed Up believes in providing superior service. We will always provide two Bartenders. 1 Bartender can be considered for smaller events.  For larger events (250+) we recommend adding additional bartenders to help facilitate smooth service. 

Does All Mixed Up have liquor liability insurance. 

  • Yes, All Mixed Up carries this coverage. 
  • 1,000,000- 2,000,000 Liability Coverage

How much do you suggest for tipping?

  • Bartenders mainly rely on tips. It is very common and acceptable for our bartenders to have a tip jar at the bar for your event. If you feel that this is not acceptable for your event please let us know when booking your event. We will gladly not ask your guests, but will charge the host an hourly rate. Rates determined on amount of bartenders and guest count.  

How Far will All Mixed Up Travel?

  • All mixed up will travel up to 40 miles from Zip Code 34655. We will charge an additional $1.50 per mile to your destination.